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La page Facebook US de DC Universe Online nous informe que, d'une part, 4 nouveaux styles (que vous pouvez admirer dans la suite de cette news, et qui comprennent un set de Tier 4.5), ainsi que 11 nouvelles armes runiques, seront disponibles via le DLC 5 du jeu, Hand of Fate, et que, d'autre part, cette extension est désormais disponible sur le serveur de test PC pour tous les joueurs Légendaires. Retrouvez les notes de patch de la version en test dans la suite de cette news. Nous y apprenons aussi que les emplacements 3 et 4 des ceintures utilitaires les plus rares pourront être activés pour 30 jours en échange de Marques de Triomphe (ce qui les débloquera pour toutes les ceintures utilitaires durant cette période).



Next on PC Test - DLC 5, Hand of Fate!

Starting today at 12:00 p.m. PDT, DLC 5, Hand of Fate, is available for players to test on the PC Test Server! All PC players with a Legendary Membership are invited. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

To get started, you can download the client here (SOE) or here (ProSiebenSat.1).

Please note the following:
  • No characters will be copied to the PC Test Server.
  • Instead, when you create a character, you will become level 30 and be placed in your headquarters.
  • There are special Test vendors there to help you gear up properly.
  • Please make sure to post your feedback and any bugs you find in the forum below!
Let the testing begin!

DLC Hand of Fate PC Test Notes:
  • PC Test Only: Doctor Fate and Felix Faust Exobyte Data Items are now available on Tier 3  PC Test vendors.
  • The Test Server Box of Awesome now also awards 250 Marks of Legend and 10,000 cash.

The balance between Order and Chaos is at risk! Heroes, align yourself with Doctor Fate and the Lords of Order to protect innocent souls from the forces of darkness. Villains, join with Felix Faust and tap into true power by reaping the rewards of his schemes. Operations are available for teams of 4 or 8 players. Look for them in the On Duty UI.  Combat Rating 70

New Missions!

60 new high level Missions have been added. These Arcane Edicts drop from the Operation end bosses and will send you to locations in Metropolis, Gotham City, and other iconic locales. Find one, and you can help fight the dark spirits that are possessing fighters on both sides of the war!  Combat Rating 70

New Legends!

Sorcerers make their debut in Legends PvP with the introduction of Doctor Fate and Felix Faust! These new characters can now be purchased in-game with Marks of Legend at the Legends Terminals in your HQ.

Utility Belt Attachments!

This is a new type of trinket slot item exclusive to Hand of Fate. Utility Belt Attachments increase the number of Trinket and Consumable items that can be loaded out at any given time. All Utility Belt Attachments provide at least two more slots that can be used to load out additional trinkets or consumables. Different Utility Belt Attachments have different slot configurations and some slots may even be “wild cards”, which can accept either a trinket or a consumable item! Higher level Utility Belt Attachments may have a third or even a fourth slot available that can be activated for 30 days using Marks of Triumph. Unlocking a third or fourth slot unlocks that slot for all Utility Belts Attachments. Although you have access to the activated effects of trinkets, you do not gain the regular “equipped” stats of a trinket equipped within a Utility Belt Attachment slot.

A basic starting utility belt may be purchased from the renown vendors located in each wing of your Headquarters. Utility Belt Attachments are also available as drops in the game.

New Gear and Weapons!

There are a total of 4 new Runic appearance sets and 11 new Runic weapons. One set of gear is available as drops in the 4 player Operations. Two more sets drop in the 8 player Operations, along with the Runic weapons. Additionally, a Tier 4.5 Runic set of gear is available through the acquisition and completion of R&D Missions that are dropped as Codices from Operation Bosses. (Hero: A Black Dawn, With a Vengeance, Villain: Unpaid Dues, Seeds of Rot).

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