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Ecrit par Coxie, le 26-05-2012

Le jeudi 24 Mai 2012 deux Webcasts ont été organisés pour nous parler de 2 titres de SOE :  DCUO Le dernier Rire et l'avenir d'EverQuest II

En ce qui nous concerne directement ici, pour le Webcast DC Universe Online étaient présents Larry Liberty (Producteur Exécutif), Jens Andersen (Directeur Créatif) et d'autres membres de l'équipe de développement de DC Universe Online!
Nous avons pu apprendre comment le Joker tente d'avoir le Dernier Rire dans le nouveau pack DLC et obtenir quelques infos sur ce que nous prépare l'équipe pour le Game Update 14!
Voici l'essentiel des infos de cette présentation.(post de Rom101 sur le forum officiel)


  • Adding T3 Armor
    • Earned with Marks of Tactics (replacing Conquest)
    • T2 costs reduced
    • Must earn T2 before you can earn T3
    • Chest Master theme
    • T4 may be Checkmate inspired
  • Adding new 52 inspired by to Boxes (Cyborg and Wonder Woman)
  • Adding Auras (adding glow to characters)
  • Shield Weapons are coming
  • 2 safehouses/stations pvp battles per side will be attackable by opposite factions
    • Special versions of the safehouses/statons that you will queue for
    • Not actually attacking live safehouses/stations
    • Iconic characters will actually show up to help
    • 3 different modes to play
    • Battle will change each time you go in, especially with random iconics joining in
  • Headquarter battles...annoucement coming soon.
    • 8 vs 8...queued
  • PvE content
    • T3 (Marks of Krypton) Duos coming in Safehouse battles (non-pvp)
  • New Cut Scene coming with a returning Mark Hamil (intro) as the Joker
Legends PvP
  • New Legends include Green/Yellow Lantern (4) & Kryptonian toons (3)
  • Did a pass on all current Legends characters to event them out
General PvP
  • Cross Faction Suicide Squad /Taskforce X Style PvP
    • Amanda Waller is going to come on the comm to let you know why villians and heroes are working together
    • You can opt out of being put on the "other team" you can be always a hero on a hero team (and vice versa) but there may be an other faction added to your team (a villian with a bomb collar)
  • Faster Queues
Other News
  • Test Server is up tomorrow for all Legendary Players

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