Mise à Jour 13 aujourd'hui

Ecrit par Coxie, le 09-05-2012

La mise à jour portant le numéro 13 est déployée aujourd'hui et nécessitera une interruption des serveurs d'environ 4 h. Au programme, retour de l'évènement de Printemps, apparition de vendeurs acceptant les jetons de Mérite, quelques modifications dans le système de collections et d'autres choses encore à découvrir çi-dessous.
Résumé FR à venir plus tard dans la soirée.


La mise à jour du jeu numéro 13 est en ligne ! - 05/11/2012

Le printemps est dans l'air !
Poison Ivy est de retour pour déchaîner les allergies des gens de Gotham... seulement c'est bien pire que ça. Heureusement pour les innocents, la Créature des marais est revenue pour contrecarrer les plans de Poison Ivy. Les criminels peuvent en savoir plus sur les plans de Poison Ivy en lui parlant dans la fosse du Hall de la fatalité, tandis que les héros peuvent parler à la Créature des marais dans la zone d'aquaculture de la Tour de guet pour essayer d'abattre Ivy et ses serviteurs.

Jetons de mérite !
Des vendeurs de jetons de mérite sont maintenant disponibles et se trouvent dans la salle de guerre de la Tour de guet et dans la fosse du Hall de la fatalité. Les joueurs peuvent acheter des jetons de mérite avec toutes les marques et les monnaies saisonnières existantes. Les jetons de mérite peuvent être consommés pour gagner de nouveaux exploits des jetons de mérite, ce qui signifie davantage de points de compétence pour vous donner plus de puissance dans l'Univers DC !

Téléporteurs pour les raids de DCUO !
Nous avons ajouté des téléporteurs en dehors des zones de combats contre les boss pour les raids, où c'était nécessaire, pour donner aux joueurs 15 secondes de plus pour entrer dans les combats contre les boss après la fermeture de la porte.

Contenu téléchargeable plus facile à acheter !
Les joueurs peuvent maintenant acheter un contenu téléchargeable qu'ils n'ont pas en le sélectionnant pendant la création d'un personnage dans la section Inspiré par ou en sélectionnant un pouvoir auquel ils n'ont pas encore accès !

Mise à jour des collections !
Écoutez ! Nous avons mis à jour notre système de collections pour donner aux joueurs une expérience plus riche avec les Enquêtes et les Dossiers ! Nous avons ajouté de nouveau effets audio aux enregistrements des voix des collections pour exposer la source de l'enregistrement ; de la radio CB, à la télé, au satellite et même aux enregistrements transmis de façon magique ! Il y a aussi un nouvel élément de l'IU pour rendre compte du nouveau traitement de la transmission avec des icônes spéciales dans la fenêtre du transmetteur. Nous ajouterons d'autres améliorations audio à nos collections plus tard, alors restez à l'écoute !

Area 51
  • Defeating the Prime Servitor in Area 51 on normal difficulty will no longer show a loot lock for the Hard Mode Alert.
  • Exit Locations are now properly labeled on the Map and Minimap UI.
  • New advances in toxins ensure pools spilling from Toxic Chemical barrels will only cause chemical burns to enemies.
S.T.A.R. Labs
  • Players will now receive a Mission Objective message when the Alert is complete directing them to exit S.T.A.R. Labs.
  • The Voice Over in DC Universe Online now has a priority system!  Voice Over will now play without stacking up, so you can hear Iconic communicator messaging without being interrupted by vendor or collections Voice Over.
  • All “Marks” earned through PvE, PvP and Seasonal Content are now capped at 250. If you have 250 or more marks stored on your character, the number in the currencies tab will appear in red. You will be unable to earn more marks of that type until you reduce the number to below the cap.
Gotham Hospital
  • Guardian MK-IV’s shotgun attack has been adjusted to spread the damage more evenly between melee and ranged targets.  Melee range targets will see reduced damage from this attack, while ranged targets will have more to actively avoid.
  • Turrets during the boss encounter have had their damage reduced, and will now choose more random targets.
Gotham University
  • When defeated, Isis has agreed to always return to dust and bone.
Riverfront Center
  • Guardian MK-XXII’s Healer drones now have a 3 second gap between appearing, instead of all 3 at the same time.
  • Assembly Line and Entering Mass Production now award the correct amount of feat points when completed.
  • The Tap Room now has a proper Rally Point.
  • Target Dummies now regain full health when dropping below 10% health.
  • Target Dummies now return power to players during their training.
  • The tour cam in the Hall of Doom has been updated to show off the new Pit area.
  • Players will no longer sometimes lose control of their camera when being interrupted as they are starting an interaction such as a collection.
  • Blind Eye: Players will now see the Entrance to the playroom without having the quest actively tracked in their Journal.
  • Saving the Souls of Students (Hero) and Coed Chomping (Villain): Etrigan's spell will now properly convert you into a Zombie.
  • T.O. Trap: T.O. Morrow has agreed to let players enter the room and not be locked out of the room left to watch Batman and Joker face off.
  • T.O. Trap: Batman will now remember to bring his loot list with him to the fight. Villains that are victorious should now receive goodies when defeating Batman in T.O. Morrow's Lab.
  • Debris Field, Shards, Striking Stones, Pebble Blast, Localized Tremor and Jackhammer will no longer remove the Dazed and/or Crushed power interactions when used.
  • Upheaval and Jackhammer will now give you 50% Damage Absorption for 12 seconds from Aftershocks unless Damage Shift is active
  • Flame Cascade and Fireburst should now perform their Power interactions correctly, dealing additional damage to Burning, Electrified, or Frostbitten targets.
  • Cryo-foam will now continue its damage after the root ends; The Burning interaction to electrified targets will now be applied even if the target is immune to knockdown.
  • Hide is now usable while controlled.
  • Cryo-foam should now perform its Power interaction correctly, inflicting Burning on Electrified targets.
  • Fear Gas should now perform its Power interaction correctly, inflicting Burning on Electrified targets, causing Burning or Electrified targets to explode, and occasionally encasing Frostbitten targets.
  • Primal Wolf Form melee hold attack, Slam, now Interrupts as intended, rather than being a Block Breaker.
  • Transmutation should now deal additional damage to encased and polymorphed enemies.
  • The description for Sacrificial Offering has been updated to make it clear that your Red Soul Aura is consumed when using this ability.
  • Counter Attack Immunity: Performing a successful Block Break, Interrupt or Block Counter will now grant you a short respite during which you cannot be damaged, controlled or counter-attacked. Counter Attack Immunity will be indicated by a blue flash, instead of the normal white breakout flash.
  • PvP weapons no longer de-buff an opponent’s Toughness.
  • Blue quality level 30 PvP starter weapons now add a Precision bonus when used in PvP to give them an effective DPS value of 87.5 when used against players.
  • PvP armor no longer has the Defense stat.
  • PvP armor now offers less Toughness and more Health. Tank armor has more Toughness than non-Tank armor. Toughness values have been generally reduced overall, but survivability when wearing PvP armor has been increased due to the Health increase.
  • Tank anti-controller de-buff protection and group Breakout effects now last three seconds and may only be applied a maximum of twice every 12 seconds. This affects the following abilities:
Earth: Unstoppable and Crystal’s De-buff Protection
Fire: Burning Determination and Burnout
Ice: Winter Ward and Shatter Restraints.
  • Controller healing de-buff powers now also strip normal power over time effects applied by controllers. This affects the following abilities: Pyrokinesis, Horrific Visage, Cryo-foam, Bomb and Snap Trap.
  • Increased the damage of a minimally charged Batarang Flurry for Batman and Robin.
  • Reduced the damage output of Two-Face’s ranged minions
Fortress of Solitude: The Power Core
  • General Zod, Superman and Lex Luthor will no longer flee from battle when traveling through the halls of the Fortress of Solitude.
  • Waterkeepers are now vulnerable to all damage sources.
  • The Soder Cola Type IV now has the correct tooltip.
  • The Equipment Interface Type IV now stacks and has the correct item description.
  • PvP Arena Queues are now in alphabetical order.
  • Revised the description for all Marks to be more accurate.
  • Feats that require a different feat pre-requisite will no longer be visible until the pre-requisite feat is completed.
  • Feats: Completed feats should no longer display an incorrect objective count.
  • Chat settings will now save properly for the next time the player logs in. Due to this all settings have been set to default again.
  • Marketplace: You should no longer get an "inventory full" message when attempting to add Station Cash through the Purchase pop-up UI.
  • The reward icon for the Seeds of Spring seasonal collection has now been fixed to match the actual inventory icon.
  • Dual Wield: Increased the damage of a minimally charged Charged Double Throw.
  • Dual Pistols: Jump Shot is no longer Interruptible but it is now Vulnerable to Block and causes Interrupt. The Loft Shot attack now also Interrupts.
  • Hand Blaster: Increased the damage of a maximally charged Charged Blast.
  • One Handed: Increased the damage of a minimally charged Focused Blast.

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