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Ecrit par Coxie, le 20-02-2012

Un Webcast était organisé par l'équipe DCUO jeudi dernier. Il s'agissait de nous en dire un peu plus sur le prochain contenu du DCL3 : La Bataille pour la Terre.

Dans cette vidéo, l'équipe revient sur le scénario de ce nouveau contenu et nous parle un peu plus des nouveaux pouvoirs de Terre avant de s'attarder un peu sur les nouvelles armures introduites (T4).

Voilà un petit résumé de ce qui s'y dit effectué par un membre sur les forums officiels


DLC 3: The Battle for Earth
Release Date: "Sooner"
  • Biggest DLC yet
  • Story climaxes with promise that Future Batman made and goes into battle between Future Batman and Future Lex
  • Geo-Force (hero) and Terra (villian) are the new "Inspired By's"
  • Will be the same price as the past 2...still free with Legendary
  • Tanking & DPS set
  • New kind of tanking...deferring dmg to pets and constructs
  • Healing pets is useful if you have an Earth Tank
  • Seismic and Geo-Kinesis Trees
  • Earth pets are human shaped
  • South Gotham has gotten a face-lift
  • Dealing with Brainiac mobs outside and instide bottles
  • Avatars of Meta, Tech and Magic running around the streets that we need to take down
  • Meant for anyone Level 30 (or higher)
  • Avatar of Magic
  • Even though the current storyline is ending, there will be more Magic raids
  • 2 Raids...Themerscera 1 and the big battle with Brainiac (the actual Brainiac)
  • Inbetween those 2 raids
  • T4 Gear (Bull Armor, Lion Armor, Ram Armor, Stag Armor<-Jens Favorite )
  • Another set is the Astral Set from Avatar of Magic
  • Go in a with a friend to find out what Brainiac has been doing inside the bottles all this time.
  • 3 different sub bosses inside each bottle.
  • Aggressive Invader Set Gear from DUOS (Brainiac Theme)
  • Gotham Courthouse
    • You will be trying to stack the courthouse with your people over Brainiac's replacements (your Jury instead of his for example)
Game Update 10:
  • Revamp of Match Making and Instance queuing design.  Ability to pick any number of instances to queue for or pick just certain instances to queue for and queue all at the same time.
  • Raids are 1 tab...Duos are one tab...and so on...
  • T4 is coming in DLC3
  • New Marks of War (MOW)
  • Open world will be able to collect some of the new styles
  • Something for everyone at any level (30 and above)
  • DLC3 will allow folks to change character background and customize it
  • Larry Liberty is a new Exec Producer at DCUO
  • Valentine's Day Promotion...Looking for ways to make things work better (part of it is coordination with PS3 Store)
  • Jens was reading Suicide Squad Comic and recommends it

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